Research Topics

In our research, we apply physical models to understand the structure function relationship of biomolecules. Based on structural models that were obtained by X-ray crystallography, NMR, or other methods, we investigate the thermodynamics and kinetics of biomolecules using a large variety of theoretical methods including continuum electrostatics calculation, molecular dynamics simulations and quantum chemical calculations. Our main focus are proteins that are a part of metabolic pathways involved in energy transduction (such as for instance the respiratory chain, photosynthesis, and denitrification). A wealth of structural and other biochemical information for proteins involved in these energy metabolic pathways is available which makes them a excellent target for theoretical investigations.

Our main research topics are:

  • Docking of Electron Transfer Proteins

  • Understanding the Protonation and Redox Behavior of Proteins

  • Kinetics of Charge and Exciton Transfer in Proteins

  • Density Functional Calculations of Enzyme Mechanisms

  • Effect of Membrane Potentials on Proteins